FanDuel 100% Promo Code – Up to $200

Our FanDuel promo code will give you a 100% deposit bonus of up to $200 this July. With football season on the way you will want to take advantage of this promo today!

The Latest FanDuel Promo Games this July

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship

As the most popular daily fantasy site, FanDuel always has the biggest and best promo games. The greatest fantasy baseball tournament ever is back again, and this year it’s even bigger. Spend your summer raking in cash and preparing for FanDuel’s annual Fantasy Baseball Championship. The biggest, baddest fantasy baseball event is back and better than ever.

This year the winner will become a millionaire. With over $3,000,000 in prizes, including a $1,000,000 top prize is up for grabs. FanDuel will find 70 finalists through satellite games, these finalists will be treated to a weekend in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Click here to learn more or to join a satellite.


FanDuel DFBC Vegas Trip

Chances are if you truly love playing FanDuel games, you probably love betting on sports and Vegas. Well FanDuel is combining the best of two worlds, and will fly out the DFBC Finalists to Las Vegas where they will live like Vegas royalty for one weekend. You’ll enjoy free airfare, free rooms, a championship party hosted in a private room at the Cosmo and more. Judging by finalists in past years, it looks like an insane once in a lifetime trip. Click the image below to figure out how you can qualify! DFBC Qualify

Guide to Using Your FanDuel Promo Code

It’s no secret that fantasy sports websites make their money off of rakes. They are 10% of each ‘pot’ or game. This is a significant amount of money, basically it means that for every ten games you win you’ll have to win another to cover their take on each win. To help you offset the cost of the rake and move the odds even more into your favor, we recommend you really take advantage of their signup bonus. Deposit as much as possible this first time, because it will be your last chance to use a FanDuel deposit promo code. Upon clicking the open account button on the homepage, the easy signup process will begin with a modal popup window asking for your name, email, password, etc… Below the Play Now button you will find a link for promo codes. Clicking this link will open an additional field box where you are able to enter in your FanDuel promo code. Your promo code will add what FanDuel refers to as a ‘Welcome Bonus’ to your account. This bonus is not available immediately, rather is pending in your account and is earned gradually as you enter and complete more and more paid contests. In the top right hand corner of the FD website you will see your account balance, as well as your pending bonus. The more games you compete in, the faster your bonus is added to your account, so get playing! You will see your bonus added at a rate of 4% of the entry fee for the games you compete in. So for every $100 of games you compete in, you’ll receive $4 of your bonus money. Play more, win more, earn more of your promo code money.


So, why does FanDuel use this gradual release system? It helps them to avert fraud and avoid players from having multiple accounts. This also keeps the daily and weekly leagues more competitive because there won’t be duplicate owners in the league. It is also worth nothing that while you can cash out what you win using your bonus money, you can’t actually cash out the bonus, that money is only available to compete in FD contests.

Why Choose Fantasy With FanDuel…

The main reason most people play with FanDuel is the reliability. In an industry filled with here today-gone tomorrow fantasy solutions, FanDuel has become the place to play weekly fantasy football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Millions of people are playing, over 6 million dollars is up for grabs every single week, and they have earned the reputation as the place to go for fantasy. The website’s design is extremely user friendly, getting in and out of games is a breeze, they never hassle you about withdrawing money – keeping fantasy sports exactly what they should be, fun and easy. FanDuel Promo Codes Beyond just the user experience, and gameplay, FanDuel listens to their customers. They continue to find new, innovative forms of weekly games, new scoring systems and creative game setups. Want to only play on fantasy basketball this Thursday night… they’ve got a game for that. The only way they are able to offer this wide variety of services is through their popularity. Hundreds of new games are created, filled, played and paid out every single day, with little to no negative word on FanDuel’s service. Just ask their millions of customers, 26,539 Facebook likes, 60+ employees, or visit their website for video and written testimonials from real players.

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